Spiritual Coaching

Drawing from his own dedicated spiritual practice, Triveni Das brings to life a comprehensive background of spiritual wisdom to accompany you in your path of awakening and transformation. In a space of love, authentic reflection and a deep commitment to your evolution, Triveni Das focuses on empowering you to access and anchor the state of consciousness you wish to live your life in.

The foundational principle of our coaching work together is that you are an embodiment of light, with the inherent potential to live an enlightened life experience. And… for most of us, this enlightened life is veiled by our limiting thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs. By dissolving these veils through our spiritual practices we can gain access to our enlightened state and bring that into our live.


Each session will support you in cultivating greater awareness, self-knowledge and inner discipline to transform and elevate anything that is blocking the full expression of your true Self. You will take away new insights, teachings, tools and/or practices that serve you to make new choices and create yourself and your life differently, impacting your spiritual evolution.

How spiritual coaching can accelerate your spiritual transformation  

One-on-one spiritual coaching sessions offer personalized teachings and guidance for you to live into your spiritual potential, meeting life’s challenges with awareness, clarity and wisdom -- grounded in the knowing of your true Self.

Spiritual coaching may support you to:

  • Move beyond feeling stuck and stagnated to discover passion and vitality for creating the life you want

  • Experience elevated states of consciousness in your daily life

  • Align your life choices and actions with your soul purpose

  • Expand the experience and expression of your true spiritual essence

  • Develop an enriching daily sadhana (Sadhana = spiritual practice)

  • Dissolve limiting patterns to create lasting change in your experience of life

  • Address life’s challenges from a spiritual perspective

The 45-minute coaching sessions take place via video conference or over the phone. Select a session package below to dive in now.


  • Free 15 minutes discovery session

  • 1 session $70-110

  • 3 sessions $195-300

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