Secrets of Energy: Tap into How Things Really Work

While modern day science has told us that we are all made of energy vibrating at different frequencies, the practical application of this awareness has not yet penetrated our daily life.


One energy, readily available to us all, is what we call light. In the same way our sun sends rays of light to earth that illuminate and provide nourishment. There is an inner light, a spiritual light, coming from our own presence, that can provide illumination, life, healing and much much more.

In this 2.5-hour experiential workshop you will be guided into an understanding of the world as energy, learn powerful practices to shift your emotional experience, explore how to work with energy in your life and engaged in lively discussions on the lighter side of life.

Discover 4 energy “secrets” that have the potential to transform how to see the world and live your daily life.

  • Be empowered to unstick yourself from contracting emotions.

  • Learn to cultivate more love and expansion in your life.

  • Uncover this phenomenal power of the light that is already within you. 

Awakened Mind


“The more you practice, lower frequency to higher frequency of mental body, the more you will start to move from senses to higher faculties. You’ve lived with your senses and your limited mind, for all these years. Now give yourself permission to step into the higher faculties, the higher qualities of this body.” -Sai Maa

In this four-hour workshop, we dive into the awareness of how the limitations in our  lives exist only in our mind. We will explore how to align with a greater power within to create the life we decide. In essence, we will activate and enliven our Awakened Mind.

*Discover the phenomenal power of the subconscious mind

*Be infused with inspiration to imagine a new life and world for yourself

*Experience deep guided meditation that taps into the vastness of your mind

*Gain a greater understanding of the components of your mind and how to effectively use them to create your life experience

*Play with intuition as an access point to the immense intelligence within

Join Triveni Das and activate your Awakened Mind!

What People are saying

Secrets of Energy - October 28th - Belgium

Secrets of Energy - October 28th - Belgium

"Tyagabhai [Triveni Das] taught us incredibly powerful and relaxing breath and meditation techniques. I really enjoyed hearing about his experience on his path. I felt completely engaged for the whole three hour workshop. Excited for more."

"With Tyagabhai's [Triveni Das] guidance, I found it easy to access a profound sense of peace and feel confident that I have the tools to access this whenever I choose"

Ty [Triveni Das] will guide, remind and inspire you. - Bill White - Sole Proprietor/Marketing Advertising

I experienced a super- incredible meditation that I am inspired to follow in my daily practice. Tyagabhai's [Triveni Das] enthusiastism was contagious! Theresa Joseph, organic farmer & animal communicator


As profession, I am a wellness instructor at Cornell University, helping students to manage their stress. Every single aspect of Tyagabhai''s three hour workshop was very valuable to me as a teacher. Witnessing Tyagabhai's [Triveni Das] loving interactions with the participants,, taking note of the content and flow of the evening, and personally experiencing the various meditations , all left me inspired!
Priscilla Timberlake Freedman

Deep Sadhana Retreat - Sedona

Deep Sadhana Retreat - Sedona

"Tyagabhai [Triveni Das] radiates love and tenderness in his presence and his teaching."

"Tyagabhai [Triveni Das] was centering and calming. He was kind and compassionate. He effectively communicated knowledge and personalized the change process. He normalized different paths and reactions. He was excellent at guiding mediation."