Challenges of the Spiritual Path

or What to do to remain stagnated and unhappy in your life

As a modern monk with over a decade of spiritual practice, I know I will not be able to develop a step-by-step formula that will guarantee enlightenment. The spiritual path just doesn't work like that. What I can do, is bring to light how to fail, elucidate the challenges of the spiritual path. I guarantee that anyone that wants to be unhappy or stagnated in their life can be successful by falling into and staying in these pitfalls of the spiritual path. Caution, the side effects of a vibrant spiritual life may be spontaneous joy, awe and inspiration.

    What to do to remain stagnated and unhappy in your life - “The “how not to” guide

    1. Identify 100% with your Body, Mind and Emotions

    2. Dig many wells, but not too deep

    3. Consider ourselves and the world inflexible, incapable of change

    4. Compete again everyone!

    5. Avoid feeling unhappy / Avoid introspection

    6. Blame the other for any problems in your relationships

    7. Please everyone

    8. Focus on material success exclusively 

    9. Wait for someone / something to tell you what to do. a.k.a. don’t take responsibility for your life