Photographing Varanasi

I love to take photos! Capturing the essence of a moment lights up my creative side and leaves me in the pure joy of expression. This past February, 2018 I traveled to the sacred city of Varanasi to celebrate the holiday of Shivaratri with my spiritual teacher, H.H. Sai Maa. While there I was one of the primary photographers. While I didn't take every phone in this slideshow, I invite you to enjoy the rich and varied experience that is India! 

2018 Shivaratri

A dress rehearsal for the end of times…

Wildfires in Oregon

Wildfires in Oregon

While reading the news about Hurricane Irma this weekend I came across this quote from fiction writer John Scalzi "These aren't the End Times, but it sure as hell feels like the End Times are getting in a few dress rehearsals right about now." With Hurricane Harvey, Irma & Jose, the earthquake in Mexico and wildfires ravishing the Western USA it is not hard to imagine this is the case.

Earthquake in Mexico 

Earthquake in Mexico 

In speaking with my spiritual teacher H.H. Sai Maa, Maa shared with me that “It is going to be intense… there is a message here, big time, big time, big time.” Maa did not elaborate what the specific message is and I’ve been contemplating this.

What is being communicated to us, humanity, through the recent string of natural disasters? What new awareness are we being called into? How do we respond to what is taking place in the world around us.


As a dedicated student of awakening, of the art of becoming and more aware of our inner state and it’s impact on how we show up in the outer world this is the place I go to first. Now, more than ever, I see the importance of the work of inner mastery. Of becoming aware of our thoughts, emotions, our inner state and becoming more and more anchored in ourselves. Because let’s face it the foundations that we have relied on in our outer world are quickly crumbling… our government is no longer serving its highest expression, our education systems are more often than not breeding ignorance, our economic system is unbalanced towards the “one percent”, the major corporations are often profit over service, and now mother nature is saying “no more”….

So what can we do?

I see the answer is two fold.


One. Do our inner work. Become radiant, anchored and solid within ourselves. Aligned with our highest self. Move beyond living on the surface, only skin deep, penetrate deep into the heart of ourselves, into that love, that light, that vulnerable spark of creation that lies within the center of our heart. Allow that spark to be ignited through our practice, our meditation, our conversations, our being together in community. 

Two. Express the best parts of our selves in the world through aligned action. By not saying no we are saying yes to the corruption around us. Step up say no to that which is wrong. Say yes to that which we see as our authentic expression of service, of good in the world. Whatever our unique expression is, move deeper into that, from that place of being anchored within. I feel the times today call us into not only our inner mastery but the outer expression of that in service to those around us 

What do you see as the message of our current times?